Annual Ramazzini Days


October 26-29, 2017, Carpi (MO), Italy 

The Collegium Ramazzini is an independent, international academy founded in 1982 by Irving J. Selikoff, Cesare Maltoni and other eminent scientists. It is comprised of 180 internationally renowned experts in the fields of occupational and environmental health. The mission of the Collegium Ramazzini is to advance the study of occupational and environmental health issues and to be a bridge between the world of scientific discovery and the social and political centers which must act on the discoveries of science to protect public health

One of the Collegium's principal tools for disseminating information is the organization of conferences, symposia and workshops for its Fellows as well as for the greater scientific community. Every year on the last weekend of October, the Collegium Ramazzini hosts the Ramazzini Days in Carpi, Italy where Fellows and guests participate in workshops on scientific topics and present new data from their respective institutions.

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